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Passports & Visas

Our Checklist:

You must make sure you have valid, acceptable passports and any required visas or other documentation for both the final destination and any stop-off points en-route ​writing-help.org/blog/terrorization-v-globalization-essay​.


• Passports should be valid for a minimum period after the date of entry to any country six months. If you’re travelling within the EU your passport just needs to be valid for the duration of your stay and you don’t need any additional period of validity on your passport beyond this.

• If you are unsure about your current passport requirement please contact us or contact a consulate of the destination country within your country.

• If you need to apply for a passport or to renew one, you should do this well in advance of travel and at least four weeks before. If you are 16 years or over and have never had a passport in your own name, you should apply for one at least six weeks before your holiday.

• You may not be able to travel (and insurance may be invalid) if the names on passports and travel documents don’t match. If any member of your party changes their name, you must tell us immediately so that we can change booking documentation. Name changes are not always possible on scheduled airlines.

• How to contact the Passport Office: For customers who’re thinking about travel it’s important to be aware that renewing or applying for a passport in person at one of the Passport Offices is by appointment only

Advanced Passenger Information (API):

• You may be required to submit Advanced Passenger Information (API), to the airline or cruise line that you’re travelling with. Please check your travel documents for details of how to submit this information. Failure to provide the required data may result in carriage being denied.


• If a visa is required, don’t leave it until the last minute – allow plenty of time. Your passport should have at least one blank visa page.

• If you are holding EU Passport or USA Passport in addition to a list of different passports for specific countries it usually give you the option to acquire visa upon arrival to destination country, If you are holding another passport type please make sure to contact us for info about your visa.
Some Nationalities require Pre-approved visa for destination country.

Visa Types:

Upon arrival Visa : is acquired at destination airport (usually purchased at airport or you can book it in advance with Ananas Tours), Our agent at airport will assist you with Purchasing it.
•  Pre-approved Visa: is acquired from destination country embassy in your origin country (Note that it takes between 2 weeks to 4 weeks period for visa).
• Electronic Visa: is purchased and printed online and is required at some countries for entry(Note that your information in electronic visa must be identical to your passport of entry).

Travelling With Children or Without an Adult:

• Children travelling without both parents, should be aware that some countries (such as Portugal, Dominican Republic, South Africa and Mexico) require documentary evidence of parental responsibility before allowing lone parents to enter the country or, in some cases, before allowing the children to leave the country. For further information on exactly what will be required at immigration.
Contact the relevant Embassy of the country you’re travelling to if you are uncertain about the situation.

Arriving with international Travel company
Arriving with international travel agent company such as Ananas Tours, or similar category of company.
you will receive your holiday voucher copy in addition to flight tickets and reservation numbers which could be asked for at airport immigration.
arriving with tour agencies allow you to buy visa directly at major destination arrival terminals. however you must check the eligibility for purchasing visa directly at airport with tour agency depending on nationality. some nationalities are not allowed to purchase visa at airport. in such case a pre-approved visa from Embassy or consulate is required to be able to make your holiday.