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How do i check the status of my flight?

We don’t have tool to track each flight for customers, however we keep all details of our flights.
You can contact the airline directly.

or you can chat with one of our travel agents online to assist you with information.

How do i do check-in for my flight?

Option 1: Visit the check-in Desk at the airport you are traveling from, the check-in opens 3 hours before the flight and closes 45 minutes before departure. please don’t be late and always consider traffic jams and tight security procedures at airports.

Option 2: Online check-in opens 24 hours before your flight departure time and closes two hours before. It means you can get your boarding pass in advance and make your way through the airport that little bit quicker. Please visit the airline page to Check-in online

You can print or download your boarding pass to your mobile device and show it when you’re at the airport.

  • Check in from 24 hours before your flight departs and closes two hours before.
  • You can print, download or email your boarding pass.
  • If you lose or forget your boarding pass, don’t worry – just ask at check-in desk

If you’re travelling in a group of more than nine people, please go to a check-in desk at the airport.

How do i find my booking reference

How to find your booking reference number:

If you’ve booked a package holiday online,  you’ll find your 8 digit Booking Reference at the top of your confirmation email (see below image). 

  • Booked in a store or over the phone? find the “Booking Reference” inside your Holiday Details PDF document
  • Flight or Hotels Only Bookings ? ind the “Booking Reference” at the Email sent to you.

What documents i need to check-in

You don’t need to show printed copies of your documents to check in for your flight, just a valid passport for each customer traveling. 

We do recommend that you take a copy of your latest travel document with you (either electronically or printed) as these can help to reconfirm what you’ve booked.

Do i need to submit my API ?

Some airlines collect API online, However we recommend that you submit your details to us while booking.  you can provide your Advance Passenger Information (API) before you travel.

You’ll need to log in Add your API online

If you’re travelling on an Identity Card, your API cannot be completed online and will be collected at check-in.

Baggage labels and baggage claims

When you do check-in at airport you will receive a Baggage label for each checked-in bag. in case of online check-in, you should visit the check in at the terminal for drop-in baggage and receive your label.

-What happens if my bag didn’t arrive to destination ? 
If you couldn’t find your bag at the airport of arrival you should immediately report to our tour rep or airline rep at the airport and file a report for baggage lose, mostly the baggage will be delivered on next day or next flight 

What happens if i'm late for check-in

If you check-in late the airline is entitled to refuse you boarding the flight.

Our customers who are refused travel will be responsible for arranging alternative transportation at their own expense.

If you’ve missed your Holiday flight please contact us at +201225400254


How can i contact Ananas Tours

We’re always here to help and there are lots of ways to find the support you need across our website

The quickest way to get in touch is to chat with one of our travel advisers online, just click on one of the options below.
Booking a Holiday
Customize your trip
Help before you travel
Customer Relations
Flight Only

How do i book holiday

Great question! You must already know that our huge range of options means you can make sure that your holiday is exactly the way you want it to be. Take your pick from our four ways to book, using these links:

-Go online at www.AnanasTours.com and browse holiday packages
-Start a Live Chat with us via the Sales Chat icon below
-Customize your holiday with our Tailor-made option where Tailor-made Holiday
-Send us email with inquiries anytime at E-mail Us

How do i make complaint

We hope you’ll never have to make a complaint. But if you do, please click here to get details on how to contact our customer relations team.

To submit an flight delay claim, please click here.

If you have not yet travelled please contact us.

I've already booked my holiday, but i need more service

We are offering full service for our holiday packages and special requests, you can contact us by phone call or E-mail or fill this form for extras FILL HERE 
make sure to submit your booking reference

What documents i need to check-in

You don’t need to show printed copies of your documents to check in for your flight, just a valid passport for each customer traveling. 

We do recommend that you take a copy of your latest travel document with you (either electronically or printed) as these can help to reconfirm what you’ve booked.

When do i receive my Documents & Vouchers?

You will receive your travel documents 4 weeks before departure, if you can’t find your documents it’s always worth checking your Spam, Junk or Trash folders first.

You can request a new Travel Document online using our Travel Document request form

Confirmation mail of holiday booked

Once confirming your holiday booking online you will receive your email confirmation within 24 hours.

We will then email you your travel documents 3 to 28 days after booking.

Please click here to find out more information about your travel documents.

Holiday Insurance & Health Insurance

We provide insurance on

  • our holiday itineraries provided while booking.
  • services promised & quality

However if you are not satisfied with any of the items, we will provide a better solution or we will provide a compensation for such unwanted experience.

Health Insurance
Is not provided or included within our holiday packages, we do keep in mind your health & safety is the highest priority thought. We advice you to keep your health insurance card/documents with you during your holiday in cases if needed at any moment. 
in such emergencies you should contact our local operation office or dedicated tour guide to appoint someone in your assistance until full recovery.


Extend your stay or Upgrade your room

We’d all like a bit more time, especially on the last day of our holiday when we just don’t want it to end. The standard checkout time is midday, so why not keep your room a little longer and fly home feeling relaxed and refreshed?

You could even treat yourself and upgrade your room for the duration of your holiday, for a little extra luxury.

Our agents are online now to help you, simply click on the blue Live Chat button (to the right of this page) to check availability.

Excursions and tour trips

You’ll have all kinds of amazing adventures to choose from to make your holiday extra special, though what’s available depends on where you’re going. Wherever you’re headed, we recommend buying excursions through one of our reps or one of the recognized agents we work with, rather than from street vendors or the internet. That way you get the benefit of our quality assurance vetting.

Take a look at our Destinations page to see all the different excursions you can choose from. We’ll also tell you about them in your welcome meeting once you’re on holiday.

Can i get travel insurance ?

We hope that every time you go away on holiday it’ll be the holiday of a lifetime. As the travel experts we understand your needs as a traveler and we’re committed to arranging quality travel insurance for all our customers, whether you’ve booked travel through us or not.

If you travel more than once a year it may be better for you to take advantage of our annual multi-trip cover: European cover from €49.99, or €99.99 per couple.

To get an insurance quote, please click here

What Extras are available and how to get them?

So, your looking at adding extras to your package?

We can offer you Car Hire, Excursions, Tour trips, Gifts, Special occasions setup, and much much more!

You can Click Here to view a full list of extras we can offer you!


How do i add Sport equipment ?

Bringing your sports equipment on a Ananas Tours holiday is simple: we can transport bikes, golf clubs, diving equipment, surfboards and fishing equipment to your hotel.

How do I add to my booking?

  1. Book your package holiday as normal
  2. At special services options given at check out page, please choose the Sport equipment carriage.
  3. To add the transfer of sports equipment to your booking, request this on live chat using the blue button to the right of this page (a small fee is payable

How do i book my holiday?

Great question! You must already know that our huge range of options means you can make sure that your holiday is exactly the way you want it to be. Take your pick from our four ways to book, using these links:

-Go online at www.AnanasTours.com and browse holiday packages 
-Start a Live Chat with us via the Sales Chat icon below 
-Customize your holiday with our Tailor-made option where Tailor-made Holiday 
-Send us email with inquiries anytime at E-mail Us

How do i book hotel only?

We offer some amazing hotel only deals to all over the world!
We currently don’t have the tool to book hotels only, you can rather send us a message with hotel required and we will book it for you.

How do i make Group booking?

If you’re looking to organize a group holiday (10 or more of you travelling) please contact our specialist Groups department on +201225400254

Or fill in this form Click Here

Whatever the occasion – a family get together, wedding, sports or “young and lively”, we can get the best Group deals. 

How do i organize my wedding abroad?

You can contact us with your request on info@ananastours.com and we will reply you with the best options available 

What's the child age for booking holiday?

A child is usually between 2 and 12 years on the date of their return to home.

However, some of our package holidays allow child ages up to 16 years of age and this will be shown on our website.

You will only receive a child price if there are a minimum of 2 adults in the same room as the child.

My holiday price is changing, Why?

Holidays and prices you may have seen on our website or e-mail marketing, including those shown on our Home Page, Search Results and in our Deals section are not live. Although prices and availability are updated very regularly, holidays and flights are subject to availability and prices can change at any time. When you make a search on our website for a specific holiday or flight, our website will then check live availability and price with the tour operator/airline.

Can i change my board basis?

If you’re looking to upgrade your board basis, you can do this easily by selecting the different options shown in the booking journey (above the calendar).

Please remember to update your holiday cost when selecting a different board basis.

How do holiday costs calculated?

Charges and Supplements Included in a Standard Holiday Package

Please note that the information below is supplied as general information only and not for any specific holiday quotation. To view a specific itemized holiday price breakdown, please check the screen during the booking journey.

Basic Adult Cost

All prices shown on our ‘Search Results’ page, are based on maximum occupancy of the cheapest available room. These prices don’t yet take into account any other variable charges or options such as flight supplements, in-flight meals, or additional baggage allowance etc. Child age limits can vary between accommodations and this can also affect the final price. For example, if you do search for 2 adults and 2 children, the price shown on the “Search Results” page is the basic cost assuming maximum occupancy by adults, for the cheapest room. If your child is older than the child age limit for your chosen property, then an adult price would apply instead of a child price. This can affect the basic cost as well as any supplements. Depending on the tour operator/airline you have selected the “Your Summary” box will show a breakdown of various costs that make up your total holiday price. Some of these costs are non-optional such as Air Passenger Duty, Fuel Supplements. As long as the selections you have made are correct up to the “Payment Details” page, this page will show you the correct price for your holiday, including all your relevant supplements. Holidays and prices you may have seen on our website or e-mail marketing, including those shown on our Home Page and in our Deals section are not live. Although prices and availability are updated very regularly, holidays and flights are subject to availability and prices can change at any time. When you make a search on our website for a specific holiday or flight, our website will then check live availability and price with the tour operator/airline.

Transport/Flight Supplement

This supplement is not the same as the charge for transfers from the airport and resort and is also separate from any fuel supplements or airport tax and duty. There will be some flights where there will be no flight supplement charged; these flights usually reflect the tour operator’s lowest costs for flying from particular departure points or at certain departure times. Most other flights carry a supplement, and this will be added to the basic price of your holiday. Flight supplements (also shown as Transport Supplements) are based on a variety of factors. For example, departure point, time and/or date of departure and/or services on board. Flight supplements can change from time to time and may go up or down; for example, when tour operators add additional flights, supplements are set according to demand and may vary. Please check the total costing, including supplements, before booking. You also have the option of viewing and selecting other Flight Options from the “Search Results” page, including, where available, Premium Cabin seats. Therefore, only once these selections have been made, can the flight/transport supplements be calculated and shown.

Air Passenger Duty (APD)

Air Passenger Duty (APD) is a compulsory government tax payable on any journey that includes a flight from the EU. Most prices shown on our website are fully inclusive of the applicable APD and in some cases the amount of APD is shown on your holiday cost breakdown. The rates that currently apply depend on destination and class of travel. ATOL Protection

Fuel Charges

Depending on when you are travelling, your destination, and the tour operator/airline you are travelling with, an additional amount may be shown on your holiday cost breakdown to cover current and exceptional fuel charges. These charges and costs may change between the time tour operators and airlines price their holidays and flights and the time of travel. Tour operators and airlines reserve the right to alter prices and introduce fuel supplements where changes in fuel costs occur. Furthermore, tour operators and airlines have included in their prices an extra charge to cover aviation, security, aircraft insurance and other associated costs. You should be aware that these charges and costs may change. Since all these costs are beyond our control and subject to further changes, any additional charges will be added and shown separately at the time of booking.

Adult Supplement

(Also known as Accommodation, or Occupancy Supplements)

Apartment, villa and studio prices are usually based on the maximum number of adults sharing the accommodation. If there are fewer adults than the stated maximum allowed, under-occupancy supplements usually apply. For example “prices are based on 4 adults sharing”. If there are fewer than 4 adults in the quote, each of the adults will be charged a supplement. (This means that if you have 2 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children, and prices for the chosen room type are based on 4 adults sharing, then 2 adults would be charged the adult/occupancy supplement). This will not always mean that at the time of your stay the apartment will contain the maximum number of beds, if there are fewer than the maximum numbers of persons in your own party. Beds in the living area may be of the folding type or sofa beds.

Single Supplement 

(This is the same as the Accommodation Supplement mentioned above)

Single travelers are asked to pay more to go towards the difference in price if 2 people were sharing, as the cost of maintaining the room is still similar. The same principle applies with some large hotel chains, when they sell their rooms at a per room rate. The single person would automatically pay more than 2 people sharing and therefore potentially sharing the cost. Only a limited number of rooms are released for sole occupancy and it is recommended to book early if you need a single room. Only rooms that show occupancy of, for example 1-2, 1-3 or 1-4 people will allow a single person to book the room. If the occupancy states 2-4 for example, then a single person cannot book this room, as there must be a minimum of 2 people occupying the room. Hotel design may mean that single rooms are smaller and may have different facilities to standard rooms. While there is normally a supplement for these rooms, the overall cost will usually be less than when a single person occupies a double room. The prices we charge reflect the costs of under occupancy of the rooms contracted to us by the hotel. We do not mark up these supplements.

Extra Facility Supplement

The supplement is usually for a higher standard of room, whether it be a “deluxe” or “superior” type room, or may be an extra facility such as a sea view. During the booking journey you will be offered the ability to choose your room types. You can do this by clicking on the “View available room options” on the “Search Results” page.

5 kgs Extra Luggage Allowance Supplement

If you are booking a Ananas Tours Operations holiday, you are supplied with a luggage allowance of 15 kgs per person (excluding infants). There is now an option available to add on an extra 5kg luggage allowance per person. The extra luggage is optional and can only be added or removed at the time of booking. It is not possible to remove extra luggage allowance after you have booked your holiday. Please contact us immediately if you are not given the option to add or remove this online – you can contact our Web Support team on +201225400254.

In Flight Meals

Depending on your chosen Tour Operator, these are optional and can be removed if not required at the time of booking. (If booking within 4 days of travel, a compulsory in-flight meal charge will be shown on your final holiday costing). If you have booked your holiday with in-flight meals included and then wish to have them removed, please call us on +201225400254 . If you have specific dietary requirements such as gluten free or vegetarian, please contact us online or call us on +201225400254.

Resort Transfers

If booking a Ananas Tours holiday more than 10 weeks from the departure, the cost of the transfers are included within the package and may not be displayed in the cost breakdown (other tour operators may show the transfers within the cost breakdown). This does not apply to holidays to Florida and Las Vegas. Transfers may be available to certain areas of Florida at an additional charge – please call +201225400254 (Mon-Sun: 8am-10pm) for further details. Transfers on late availability holidays (holidays within 10 weeks of departure), are optional depending on tour operator and can be removed if not required at the time of booking.

Late Booking Fee

A Late Booking Fee is a small charge that will apply to all bookings made within 15 days of departure.

The charge will be a minimum of €25 per person.  You will be advised of the applicable fee at the time of booking.

What does Board Basis means?

This is only a guide and may be different depending on destination and property.

All Inclusive 

As a guide you can expect all the items listed below to be included in the price of your holiday. – A selection from daily breakfast, lunch and dinner menus – A range of locally produced alcoholic beverages available for a minimum of 12 hours per day at selected bars – A choice of daily snacks available – A variety of soft drinks and hot beverages available for a minimum of 12 hours per day – Day and evening entertainment organised by the hotel

Full Board Plus

This is nearly the same as All Inclusive, however you’ll only receive free drinks with your meals.

Full Board 

Usually includes breakfast lunch and dinner. 

Half Board 

Usually includes breakfast and dinner (or lunch if requested, available at some hotels). 

Bed and Breakfast 

Includes breakfast only, in Turkey and Greece this may be continental style. 

Self Catering

If the board basis of your holiday is Self Catering you can expect to be responsible for your own meals and drinks, the accommodation on a self catering holiday tend to be studios or apartments. Studios are self contained units, combining a sleeping and dining area, whilst apartments may have one or more separate bedrooms. All will have a kitchenette with cooking facilities which will range from, cooking rings and a fridge for preparing light meals, up to ovens and microwaves. These facilities are dependent on the accommodation and also the country where they feature. Please refer to individual properties for specific details of what you can expect. You will find with apartments in Greece that it is unlikely there will be a lounge section and that the kitchenette will form part of the sleeping area. Facilities in the rooms may be limited; it is unlikely you will get a kettle or an oven. Bathrooms will be basic – no shower curtain and don’t forget to put your paper waste in the bin due to the poor plumbing system. Bed types can vary; they may be of Lindian style, which, on most occasions, is a raised concrete platform with a sheet covering the mattress. 

Room Only No meals are included when staying on a room only basis.

Why do prices vary from day to day?

Our offers are only correct at the time of the search. This is because we calculate the package price based on the costs we receive from the airlines and our hoteliers at the time of search.  

This allows us to bring you the most competitive deal we can at that particular time. If we receive a special rate from an airline, or a cheaper price on the hotel, the price will go down.

If you noticed a holiday at one price but a few days later it’s a bit more expensive, this is likely to be because the cheapest rooms or flights have sold out.

What is discount coupon?

www.ananastours.com are constantly striving to offer you the best deals online.  To do this we offer great incentives such as our exclusive online discounts.
Online discount coupons are sent by mail or facebook message to customer through our mail/page 
be careful to only trust these Info@ananastours.com Or Facebook.com/AnanasTours

You wont get these discounts anywhere else!

what do i do to get Discount coupon code?

You can get a Discount coupon code if for free, here’s how.

  • You can follow our TripAdvisor page and leave a 5 stars review there. 
  • followed by a message on Tripadvisor or Mail/Facebook message with your Username on TripAdvisor & Ananas Tours account, we will credit you with Discount codes up to 20% .

How do i search for specific Hotel online?

If you are searching for a specific hotel on our site you can use our fantastic new Destinations section..

All you need to know is which Country and Resort your hotel is in and you can find out everything you need to know about your hotel.

This includes information on the room types, activities, food options and many others.  You also have the opportunity to view photos of the hotel as well as Customer Reviews and a Map of the local area.

I'm expecting a baby, can i book a seat for him/her?

If you are expecting a baby, please enter the last name and the expected date of birth on the passenger details page. If you do not know the title or first name then please enter ‘Mr’ and INFANT for now and enter any date of birth.

When your baby is born, please contact our Customer Services team or click on the chat button to let us know your babies name and title.

How much it cost to cancel my holiday ?

If you book your holiday package with us, the following cancellation charges will be applied according to how many days you cancelled your trip before departure.

Days before departure dateCancellation Fee
More than 84 daysFull tour operator deposit of €150 per person 
84-64 days20% (or loss of full tour operator deposit if greater)
63-50 days50% (or loss of full tour operator deposit if greater)
49-29 days70% (or loss of full tour operator deposit if greater)
28-15 days90% (or loss of full tour operator deposit if greater)
14 days or fewer100% cost of holiday

Only the Lead name on the booking can ask us to cancel it or to remove any of the named customers. The cancellation charges shown above will apply from the date we receive your cancellation instruction over the phone, or through our Live Chat service. If you need to cancel your booking, just give us a call or chat to one of our Travel Agents by clicking on the contact buttons below.
Cancellation fees will apply. If you’ve booked a trip from the Hotel,City Break or accommodation only.
Note: The above cancellation charges apply to all bookings, except where a booking includes items or services for which our supplier’s own cancellation charges are more than the ones shown above. In that case, any additional cancellation charges will be advised at the time of booking, or a higher (non-refundable) deposit or full payment will be payable at the time of booking to cover the potential cancellation charge. If any member of the booking cancels and you can’t fill that person’s place, you may have to pay extra for your accommodation. For example, you may have to pay single or under-occupancy supplements. If you cancel, you must still pay any insurance premiums and amendment charges which arose before the cancellation, and any deposits paid for any pre-booked items or services.

How do i amend my booking ?

If you need to make a change to your booking, just click on the chat or phone icons below to connect with one of our Travel Experts. 

If you’ve booked a City Break or Hotel Only you’ll need to call us on +201225400254.

For simple accommodation requests such as a low floor or quiet room, you can use our special request form

For name changes we recommend that you use our Live Chat Service, so click on the chat icon below.

I would like to change my Flight date, How can i do that ?

If you want to change your flight date, that changes the whole booking details for the holiday, 
in case of such changes please send us a message and we will provide the available options for you.

How do i cancel my holiday package ?

You have to fill this form to cancel your holiday package Cancellation Form

Note that: Cancellation fees applies, please check the cancellation costs charts above.

I have special Request, How i do it ?

You can submit your special request here online 

We will add this to your booking and email you a confirmation of this request.

Please Note: Special requests cannot be guaranteed although our in-resort teams and hoteliers will try their best to accommodate your request.

How do i change my Postal Code

Go to your account dashboard and change your address and postal code. if you are expecting delivery of documents through us, please notify us with your changes so we can amend them. 


How to become holiday Rep.

Ever fancied working abroad? Then you should consider becoming a Ananas Tours holiday rep. Every year we’re looking for responsible, hardworking people who have bags of common sense, motivation and initiative – plus the natural ability to relate to our customers. You’ll work in holiday resorts in some of the world’s most stunning locations, where sunny skies, blue seas and a bright outlook come as standard. You’ll also get great holiday benefits, great career options, great training and great people to work with.

Where to go in Winter ?

It’s that time of year again; summer has well and truly closed its doors and instead, we’re greeted by an unwelcome chill in the air and the desperate need to dig out all our thick socks and cosy winter coats. If your latest holiday is already a distant memory or, even worse, you didn’t make it away this summer; there’s only one thing that should be on your mind right now: Winter sun.

Are you Travel Blogger ? Want to write and publish here ?

Are you a travel blogger ? do you want to write on our blog and expand your network of followers and readers ? you can contact us and we will create your editor account where you can write freely about your traveling experience or different subjects on traveling business.

It’s totally free to join us here ! 

What's the Advantages of being Blogger on Ananas Tours ?

Joining Ananas Tours as travel blogger entitle you for top rewards discount coupons or freebies tours gifts. You have the better chances to win them.

We have huge budget for advertising on our website and blog. which cover better reach for your blogs written.

How do i view my booking ?

You can make payments and view your booking details online here.

You can also view the following details online:

  • Flight Details
  • Hotel Details
  • Customer Details
  • Payment History
  • Print Receipts

You can find this booking reference number in the subject field of your email ticket which you will receive 2 days after booking, it is not the same as the Reference on your Booking Confirmation e-mail.

How do i see my booking status and payments

Visit Dashboard, My Bookings 
and there you will see the booked holiday and their payment status.

Choosing the room !

While you booking your holiday, a choice of rooms will be available (Some might have extra supplements). 

If you wish to upgrade your room after booking, simple contact us with your booking reference to upgrade the room for you.

How much does room upgrade cost ?

The Choose Your Room service is available for a small cost but prices may vary. You’ll be able to see all prices before booking your chosen room.

Once you’ve confirmed your choice all you need to do is pay when you arrive at the hotel.

What if i made room choice and i didn't get it?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that all requests made at the time of booking will be fulfilled.

Choose Your Room is the best way to make sure you get your perfect room. Once the booking window has closed, hotels will allocate the remaining rooms and try to satisfy customer wishes from what’s available.

However any extra payments will be refunded with a long with better room choice than regular.

I want to book a specific room, but it isn't available at hotel !

Due to operational reasons, not all rooms are available to book on the Choose Your Room Service. This could be because another customer may have selected them, or the hotel may already have it reserved for another guest.

You can check the hotel map for an updated view of the best available rooms.

Can i choose multiple rooms next to each other ?

Yes, subject to availability, you’ll be able to choose for each of the rooms on your booking so these can be as close (or far apart!) as you’d like. This is a great way to make sure your group is together or if you’re a family, you can give older kids the independence of a separate room while staying close by.