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About Us

For Tourism services and Destination Management

Ananas Tours

Ananas Tours is a company for tourism and traveling services ​www.custom-paper-writing.com/blog/good-essay-topics​, founded by cooperation of two companies with decades of experience in tourism handling. The company offers numerous services in multiple destinations, standing as a travel agent, traveling service partner, or destination management company, The company has experience in Destination Management, and Meeting, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE).

We are very proud to serve the customers who chose to travel with us each year and, are focused on transforming our business so that we can serve even more customers in ways that deliver better their holiday dreams.

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Travel Agency

as Tour Agency

 Ananas tours and its founding companies been working through years on organizing and putting together tour packages from different countries to different destinations. custom made trips for customers who chose us. We analyze the market frequently and choose what’s best in the interest of holiday makers to offer it to them in the best suitable image and quality they desire.


Ananas Tours company

As a partner the company offers all solutions, services, materials required for cooperation in tourism field, we are willing to provide necessary terms and conditions for new partnerships with new companies and travel agents.

Destination Management Company


Ananas Tours as DMC has a current team of around 25 professional staff, between tour leaders, operation managers, data entry, marketing specialists and excellent management team. we have penetrated the tourism market with great force by providing un-matched services to top clients from around the world. 

Our expertise and dedication has gained us a reputation with our partner clients abroad and the local suppliers as well. 

Meeting, Incentives, Conferences, & Events


Ananas Tours Agency has been dealing with MICE tourism since 2008. Our experts will develop an individual plan for you, will check each item and its implementation and will stay in touch 24/7. Entrusting us to organize business events and incentive tours, be confident in our professionalism. Words will be replaced with our actions, as well as the names of companies that have cooperated with Ananas Tours.

Our Services. At Ananas Company we offer all inclusive package plans or individual services for partners, taking full management and responsibility of our guests from time of arrival till time of departure, even so we always send our good notions for our guest to interest them in using our service even more.

We are a team of professional Travel Experts



We have our tour guide representatives available around the clock waiting for the arrival of our dear guests and delivering them to their check in desks at departure, not only to welcome and farewell our guest, our tour representatives are instructed to assist and solve any situation or requests.
Ananas Tours offers different sizes of vehicles, 50 Pax Buses, 25 Pax Buses, 10 Pax Buses, Private limousine arrivals. All vehicles are the same production year or 2 years below. Transportation from/To airport, To/From excursions points, during city tours and during private transfers within the city or over day trips.


Ananas Tours has availability in majority of hotels, however we tend to focus on few selection of hotels to guarantee our partners the best service available. A selection containing 3, 4 and 5 stars hotels and resorts with all itineraries preferred by tourists for various choices between family holidays, adult only hotel holiday, sportive holiday, and nature loving, relaxing resort choices.

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Why Ananas Tours ?

We are reliable Destination Management Company first of all, as we are reliable Tour agent by the reviews of our customers. Our team consists of many qualified tour leaders with different languages whom have years of experience handling thousands of happy customers. Not only we rely on our basic team we have also different personals with different languages to handle other destinations and nationalities, as we tend to serve each nationality by its own language of origin. 
Our work is covered by 24/7 customer support and staff operations during high and low seasons, even during peak periods like Christmas holidays & Easter holidays. The operations team is working on different roles inside our offices like Hotel reservations, Airline ticketing, Activities bookings, operational movement for our pick up cars, handling agent, tour reps. , airport arrival…. etc.

What Languages we currently support.

  • English
  • French
  • Polish
  • German
  • Romanian
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
Staff members
Vehicles in service
Activities on our lists
Happy Customers

Our Staff

The company has staff for each job and playing different roles in the company starting by receiving booking requests, reservations, handling the requests, meeting our guests and carrying out the service expected with the highest quality to achieve our customers dream holiday.

Ananas Tours Fleet

Our fleet of vehicles in service are up to date, air-conditioned, with built in tour assistance devices and multimedia. we aren’t just meeting requirement of our service but we are over coming them by providing even more luxury during trips.

What's our target ?

  • Larger Amount Of Customers
  • More Tour Agent Partnership
  • Safer, More Reliable Tourism
  • More Tour Agents & Companies All Over The World

Partnership offers

Ananas as DMC

As Destination Management Company located in Red Sea, Egypt. We are offering full service handling for foreign tour companies and agents abroad. based on agreed terms drawn in a contract we will be able to provide the service required for tour companies within Egypt’s different cities. We provide hotels arrangements, airport meetings, range of tour leaders, transfers, holiday guest relations, Activities manager,…etc. full handling service from agent to end-user customer.

Ananas as Tour Agent

We are providing our own tour packages to different countries and multiple cities, however we are offering our tour packages for tour agents and companies abroad to market them or resell them. we are offering partnership for those who seek it. We provide hotels arrangements, airport meetings, range of tour leaders, transfers, holiday guest relations, Activities manager,…etc. full handling service from agent to end-user customer.

For Airlines

Our company is seeking out partnership with airlines in order to transport more holiday makers to different destinations. Charter flights are the main subject for tourism therefor we are are constantly working on maintaining and enhancing our flight programs and schedules.

We are also offering Airlines’ handling support in Red Sea, Ananas tours has different values for hotel deals, airline crew transportation, airline crew rotation and planning, Airline crew reception at airport, transportation and check-in at hotel and picking them up again for their return flight.

The History

Ananas Tours might be new by itself but the company is a group of 2 different companies that has decades and years of experience in tourism services and thousands of happy customers.

Royal Safari Company  was founded in early 2013 official, registered under the chamber of commerce, Safari organization community of south Sainai with license  of preforming excursion trips and safari. 
Founder Mohammad Raafat (AKA. CoDa) has established the company to set a new interface to tourism in Egypt that aim to offer visitors amazing experience and satisfaction of service and their trips to such wonderful ancient country.

Aphrodite Tours is Established in 2008 Classified As “A” Category “ licensed with number 1361 under Ministry of tourism with a Management Team that has long years of experience in the fields of  corporate travel, leisure travel and MICE (Meetings, Incentives Conference and Events). 

Aphrodite Tours has long been recognized as a visionary leader in the travel management industry with over 10 years of experience. Throughout the company’s history we have made it our practice to anticipate the future of the industry. Aphrodite Tours, being the fastest growing Travel Management